photo: Pixabay

Teaching kids with music has been proven an effective way for young minds to learn about a variety of subjects, but shelling out a lot of money for baby music class isn’t always feasible. Not to mention finding an open class that fits your schedule. However, a new Kickstarter campaign is looking to make mommy and me music easier by bringing it right to your home.

Pomelody is a music education program that you can use at home to engage young kids in learning about music theory. The program was developed by a mom who wanted to create an affordable music class for all families. According to the campaign, the online class is like Netflix mixed with Spotify. Parents will be able to access classes grouped into Pomelody Seasons. Each new season will be available quarterly and will feature 10 family music making classes.

The 30-minute classes, which you can watch anytime, anywhere, feature animated stories and lectures. Pomelody users will also have access to the songs used in the program as well as a songbook with music and lyrics. The Kickstarter campaign launched in September and will deliver Season 1 of the classes to backers in February 2018 with a minimum pledge of $69, with additional perks for more.

Does this sound like something your kids would like or do you prefer a traditional parent and tot class? Share your thoughts in the comments. below