You made it through the school day, dinner, baths, and now it’s time…to brush! AHHHHHH! Getting kids to brush their teeth can be a nightmare, but it doesn’t have to be. While kids may not love brushing their teeth, there is no doubt they love games. That is why we love Colgate’s hum Kids toothbrush and its partner app that turns oral hygiene into an irresistible augmented reality game. Read on to learn more so your family can brush on while you keep calm.


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What Is hum?

Designed for ages 5-10, hum Kids is a refillable manual toothbrush that, through the magic of its free partner app, turns the mundane routine of toothbrushing into cool games via creative and colorful augmented reality. Kids will be pumped to brush and play, defeating “cavity monsters” by brushing them away as they hop around teeth—now they’re hitting all the brushing zones that make for a healthy mouth! (And you’ll be pumped to see them excited about brushing their teeth.)

Good brushing habits mean collecting points and unlocking cool filters and masks that keep them coming back for more. Top secret: With the help of the app, your kid is actually learning how to be an excellent brusher (less money at the dentist for you!), and you can keep track of their progress in the parental dashboard—genius! It even tells you which spots they need to focus on and how to help them improve their brushing.

Everything about hum Kids was made to be kid-friendly, from the bright colors (it comes in yellow and coral) to the thumb grip made specifically for little hands!

For a limited time only, use code rthumkids for 20% off your hum Kids purchase!

What We Love About It

Technology like no other: Never before has brushing been educational through smart AI and fun! No more fights, no more dreaded bedtime struggle. Not only does hum Kids take that stress away, but you can also be confident that your kids are learning a crucial life skill that will keep them healthy throughout their lives—what toothbrush could ever say that before?! Utilizing interactive technology, accessed easily from your smartphone or tablet, your family can now enjoy “Fun Now. Better Brushing Forever.” We couldn’t have put it better ourselves!


For a limited time only, use code rthumkids for 20% off your hum purchase!



—Jamie Aderski