Where did you get married? Was it in a magical, fantasy spot? Maybe it was on a sandy beach. Or maybe it was in some sort of other tropical paradise. While those are dream wedding picks for plenty of brides-to-be, one couple chose a less vacation-y venue. Where? They picked Costco!

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Somethin different….a wedding at @costco?

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When Sue Berkley and Eli Bob, from Sydney, Australia, got married they decided that their favorite retailer was the perfect wedding pick.

This wasn’t just a quickie wedding in the aisles, in between the bulk diapers and jogs of mustard. The couple’s wedding included a full set-up. There were tables (with linens and flowers, of course), chairs and plenty of “scenic” décor. Oh, and the whole thing came at a low, low cost of just under $10 a person. You can’t beat that! Instead of the typical wedding fare, guests were treated to Costco pizza, hot dogs and meat pies. Along with that, guests could get unlimited soft drinks from the store’s soda fountain for only $1.49.

So, why pick Costco? The bride told Australia’s A Current Affair, “Where else can I get married to the one I love, in the place that I love, surrounded by the people I love?”

Would you get married at a retail location? Share your thoughts in the comments below.