photo: Daniel Eisenman/ Facebook

From the rocking and shushing, to the long drives in the car, parents will do pretty much anything to soothe a crying newborn. One dad is leaving all those methods in the dust, with an ancient chant that can calm his baby in an instant and leave your jaw hanging. Check out the amazing video below.

Babies aren’t the only ones this new-age dad can help. Daniel Eisenman is a motivational speaker and author who hosts retreats to help people achieve their dreams. In the case of new parents, that dream is to get more than twenty minutes of sleep and Eisenman has the answer. Using nothing but his calm, steady voice to chant “Om”, he manages to calm his crying daughter in less than 30 seconds.

Om is a sacred mantra often associated with Buddhism and Hinduism, among other religions. No matter what religious beliefs you have, however, his amazing method is definitely worth a shot when your little one just won’t stop crying.

What unique methods do you use to soothe your baby? Share your ideas in the comments.