Thanh Tran may just be the best dad ever. Seriously. He’s pretty awesome. At least, that’s what we’re guessing based on one of his most recent Instagram posts. Okay, okay. So you’re thinking that your baby-daddy is the number one dad on the planet. We get it. Hey, everyone thinks their other half is the best. But this guy is giving all the other dads out there a run for their money. Check out what Tran did that’s making everyone take notice.

So you say your kiddo takes ballet? Well, so does Tran’s. When his daughter had parent night at dance class the dad was completely into participating. He posted on Instagram, “Dad life 101, you participate in every parent night no matter what it is.”

Not only did Tran participate, but he went a step (actually several steps) above and beyond. The dad donned a tutu for his daughter’s ballet class parents’ night. And the pics of the event completely speak for themselves.

The dad got in there, dressed the part and participated like every parent should. Of course, we find his tutu-wearing ways adorably hilarious, too!

Would your guy wear a tutu for your child? Share your answer in the comments below.