We’ve all been there. Those Box Tops are taking over your pantry and your junk drawer is overflowing with them. Yeah, yeah. They get your school all kinds of good things. But those little tops from various cereal, cracker and other boxes are on your last nerve. Now imagine being the homeroom parent who has to deal with the Box Tops for the entire class. That’s exactly who Bobby Fogg is. And his Facebook rant about the tops is relatable and hilarious. Seriously.

When Fogg and his wife Tricia volunteered to be the class Box Top parents, the dad didn’t really know what he was in for. Ever so sweet, when his wife had an extra-busy day, Fogg took over the Box Top duties for her. And what happened next was all too funny.

He starts his explanation by posting, “So I get the overstuffed packet with a piece of paper filled top to bottom with instructions in size 8 font looking more like a mission to take rocket man out of North Korea than telling me what I need to do for the box tops. I mean, we’re talking box tops here…how hard can it be?”

Well, apparently kind of hard. From having to sift through the tops to dig out the ones that expired years ago (yes, they oddly have expiration dates on them) to cutting them out (parents, you need to get on the ball and do this for the poor Box Top volunteer), this dad’s school-related suffering is possibly one of the funniest posts you’ll read! At least, today.

Do you have Box Top struggles? Share your story in the comments below.