What happens when mom’s away? If you’ve ever had to go on a business trip or taken a (much-needed) vacation with your BFF, you know the sheer panic that can set in the second the plane takes off. You’re imagining what’s going on at home. More specifically, you can’t stop thinking about dad — alone with the kids. Hmm. Well, when one mama went away her hubbie got to writing and chronicled his time with the kids. And here’s what happened.

Okay, so every mama who has gone out of town has wondered, “Will he feed the kids?” Posting on Facebook, dad Todd Midtvedt (actually his lovely wife Amy posted her S.O.’s story) wrote, “Handed the boy a box of cereal and a spoon and said ‘here’s some cereal.'” Yep. Sounds about right.

After trying to figure out school lunch accounts (no one can really get the hang of those anyway) and agreeing to drop off money for his older kids to buy Homecoming tickets (because who carries cash?), the doting dad kept on with his day.

Yes, it was hilariously Mr. Mom-ish. But it was also super-sweet. We should all wish that our guys’ are as devoted as this dad is. Sure, he made some (umm, maybe more than some) mistakes. But he also kept on going. Kind of like a mom does every day.

Do you have a funny story about a day when your other half stayed home with the kids? Share your story in the comments below.