How do you potty train your child? Well, it’s easy. Right? You just… umm, hmm, you just do it. Or not. Dad, and vlogger, La Guardia Cross has a handy-dandy daddy guide to “Potty Train A Toddler in 22 Easy Steps.” And it’s hilarious!

So how do you potty train a toddler in just 22 easy steps? Of course, you start with the potty. Which you let sit in your bathroom for a year. The dad’s guide to potty training just gets better from there. He goes on to include all of the too funny, but totally true, things that we all kind of do when potty training our kiddos. Come on, those one-day methods are all — you know what they are (and it’s not truthful, easy or simple to do).

If you’ve ever struggled with potty training, or are currently ready to give up and resign yourself to the fact that your child will most likely go to college in Pull-Ups, this video will more than make you smile. When you’re ready to give up, give in and forget about potty training (even though deep down inside you know you can’t), take a look at what Cross would say in his oh-so-preciously comical way.

What’s your child’s biggest potty training struggle? Share your story in the comments below.