Travis Saunders is a pretty impressive dad. Not only has he taught all over the world (he works in welfare and behavior management), but the dad started a fundraising platform called Run4Autism in 2013. Run4Autism has helped people to raise over $150,000 for 11 different autism organization in Saunders home of Australia. Along with all the major good Saunders has done, one of his recent Facebook posts shows that it’s not always the big things that make a difference.

On his School of the Road Facebook page (School of the Road is where Saunders shares his family’s story), the dad recently posted about two words his son said. What are these words and why are they so special? The words were, “You’re funny.”

So, plenty of parents have probably heard these words at some point or another. But not Saunders. His autistic son is mostly non-verbal. That makes any response a truly magical one. The dad noted that his son has never made any sort of comment about an activity that the two did together. This time Saunders was acting sort of silly, trying to get his son’s bedtime back on track.

This seemingly simple statement, “You’re funny” was actually a major moment for the little boy and his very proud daddy.

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