photo: BBC News

Sixteen year old Tjili is deaf and has cerebral palsy, leaving her unable to speak. She communicates solely with gestures, some sign language, and reading. What’s really incredible, though, is what she’s able express through her art, which is winning praise and a place alongside world renowned artists.

As BBC News reports, Tjili’s amazing skills are entirely self-taught. She holds down the paper with one arm, while she grips her art utensil in the other, and as the video shows, her entire body goes into the process. She holds nothing back, giving everything to her work.

She is already making waves in the art world. Recently two of her unique pieces were selected among thousands for an exhibition with the Royal Watercolor Society. Several of her works are also on display in a local hotel, hung right next to works by well-known professional adult artists. Truly inspiring.

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