photo: Bean and Bullie/ Facebook

Babies and bulldogs are some of the cutest creatures on earth, so when the two become BFFs, you’re guaranteed to see something amazingly adorable. A quick glance at like Bean and her bulldog Esther (aka Bullie)’s Instagram feed is pretty much all you need to turn any day around.

This ridiculously cute duo have been partners in crime since Bean was drooling more than her furry friend and, luckily for the rest of us, their family has been documenting their hijinks along the way. From snacks to toys, this inseparable pair shares just about everything together. Like any close friends, they sometimes have their differences, like when Esther would rather chew on a ball than let Bean play with it. Despite that, their bond is something truly special.

For more daily doses of baby and puppy love, check out the Bean and Bullie Instagram feed.

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