photo: Miss Elsa via Twitter

This four-legged, mama-to-be is stealing the hearts of internet users everywhere with an adorable maternity shoot staged by her very proud person.

Proud doggie owner Elsa Veria-Means decided that she wanted to share the news that her beloved pug mix, Fusee, was with pups. So she asked her friend, photographer Clayton Foshaug, to snap some pics of her holding her big bellied pooch in a variety of ethereal maternity poses (and while she held a “Soon 2 be a Mom” sign), and posted them on Twitter.

“My bestfriend [sic] is 8 weeks pregnant so we decided to do a maternity photo shoot,” she Tweeted, along with four adorable pics of Fusee wearing a rose flower crown and letting her baby belly hang out in all its puppy-filled glory.

She didn’t expect the photos to go viral — but that’s exactly what happened. The Tweet was liked at least 208,000 times and shared 63,000 times.

And, like any good partner, Elsa kept everyone in the loop when Fusee gave birth to eight healthy puppies:

Congratulations, Fusee!

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