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Have you ever had one of those days when you felt like throwing caution to the wind and taking off on a road trip on a whim? One family from Colorado upped the ante a bit and sold their house to tour the country in a Winnebago.

Kathy and Peter Holcombe talked about their adventurous idea for years, and one day they decided to just take the leap. The couple sold their home in Boulder, Colorado, purchased an RV, and hit the road with their young daughter for a once in a lifetime experience. Already owning a successful photography business, the couple was able to take their job on the road and document their journey with some incredible pictures at the same time.

The family had only planned to spend one year on the road and then head back to a “normal life,” but one year just wasn’t enough. “Before our life was always punctuated with the normal life between the really good stuff, and we just decided that the really good stuff should be our normal life,” Kathy told Colorado’s 9 News. They have been traveling since 2014 and in three years they have crossed 49 states and driven 120,000 miles.

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Tonight we will be featured on 9 news Denver at 9 & 10pm. We had a great time with Anne Herbst showing her our lifestyle. She is a very passionate and talkented journalist and felt at home high in the snowy mountains of Rocky Mountain National Park with 70+ lbs of camera gear. I share this with you only to hope that one person who sees this story knows that it's possible to live your dreams. You can do this without a trust fund or winning the lottery. Yep it's a lot of work figuring out this non-typical lifestyle but it is very possible in so many ways. But most of all it's so rewarding to simplify life to the most important aspects of work and play and leave all the other distractions behind. We all have different paths and I hope you walk down the path that you see right before you wake up in the morning when your dreams have yet to be shelved to all the other stuff. Thanks for all the kind comments on the 9News FB page. Link in bio. #famagogo

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Their daughter Abby, now 12, was hesitant about the idea at first, but now loves it. She studies online and has made their adventure her personal classroom. She recently set a record for being the youngest person to kayak across the 280-mile Grand Canyon on her own. “When we started traveling I just watched her blossom—she is so outgoing,” Kathy said. “I think it’s the best thing we could’ve ever done as parents. I wonder what she’s going to do when she grows up after all this? It’s got to be something extraordinary.”

To learn more about their adventures check out the family’s blog FamaGoGo or Peter’s inspiring Instagram feed.

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