photo: Jenny Lee Silver via Flickr

Alice Jacob is picky about what she wears for all the right reasons. Her love of superheroes and race cars has left her feeling frustrated when it comes to buying clothes because she can’t find anything in the sea of princess-emblazoned gear that she likes. So she did what any five-year-old would do: she wrote a letter to The Gap to school them in clothing design.

Alice’s mom, Beth Jacob, recently wrote in the Washington Post that she has trouble shopping for her daughter because Alice doesn’t like any of the clothes in the girls section. However, when Alice saw an assortment of clothes her mom had purchased her brother from the Gap, she put the pieces together and realized just how different the selection is for girls versus boys.

photo: Beth Jacob via Huffington Post

Upset that the designs that fit her tastes were labeled as “boy clothes” Alice decided to write a letter to Gap with her mom’s help. In the letter she explains that she loves Superman and Batman shirts but, “All your girl shirts are pink and princess and stuff like that.” She politely asks that the company start making some “cool girl shirts” or that they consider throwing the great gender divide out the door altogether and “make a no boys’ or girls’ section –only a kids’ section.” The Gap has yet to respond, but with girls like Alice on the case, stereotypes will quickly get broken down, one five-year-old at a time.

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