Featured photo: Mother Spots ‘Baby Ghost’ In Son’s Cot On Baby Monitor via YouTube

A couple in the UK may be keeping a closer watch on their baby monitor (or putting it away entirely!), after they saw what appeared to be a “ghost baby” sleeping next to their 18-month-old son last week.

Laura Haigh and partner Dean Evans said their son, Sebastian, was sleeping when they checked the monitor and saw the hazy image of an infant lying against the side of the crib, according to reports.

Evans said he thought there must have been a teddy bear in the crib, but rushed upstairs to found the youngster snoozing alone — all while the figure on the screen remained, and even changed positions. Haigh said she also saw the figure wave at things in Sebastian’s room.

“Dean said straight away, ‘It will be just a teddy’ and went straight upstairs. However, he was a little bit gobsmacked that there was nothing there, but it was still appearing on the monitor. He was a bit spooked as he doesn’t believe in that kind of thing and just can’t explain it,” Haigh told reporters. “He usually says, ‘Don’t be silly’ about anything like this. This has opened his mind a little but he doesn’t like to talk about it much. He just kept asking on the night ‘Has it gone yet?’ as he was a bit freaked out.”

This isn’t the family’s first foray into the paranormal. Haigh said she often hears strange noises in the house and has seen pictures on the wall turned upside down. As for Sebastian, he seems fine, she said.

“I think he can see whatever it was as he will sit in the cot and smile at nothing,” Haigh said. “Or he has stared in the corner and waved at something that isn’t there.”

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