How did you tell your parents that you were pregnant? Was there a big reveal? Did your mom and dad cry? Well, when one mama-to-be told her parents, she didn’t exactly get the reaction that she expected. At least, not at first. Take a look at this adorably awesome video that’s burning up Facebook and you’ll see why so many people are lovingly laughing over it.

We’ve all heard the ol’ “bun in the oven” adage. And when a pregnant mommy decided to do the big tell with her parents, she used this saying to stage a cute little game. Apparently, it was her dad’s birthday at the time too, so she decided to have him play some hide and seek, looking for his birthday gift in the kitchen.

Dad (or grandpa-to-be) looked all over as his daughter and wife filmed away. After some looking, he finally found his gift — a bun. A bun? Yes, a bun. He didn’t get it either. After saying, “It’s a bun.” The daughter asked her dad, “Where is it?” Yeah, he was kind of oblivious and still didn’t put two and two together. But the soon-to-be grandma did. She figured out the riddle and started screaming, “There’s a bun in the oven. Don’t you get that?” Adorable!

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