You’ve heard of a boudoir photo shoot. But what about a dudeoir shoot? No? Hey, most of us haven’t. But that’s all about to change. Photographer Gayla Thompson got creative with her hubby, snapping pics of her nearly-naked man posed in umm…not so seductive ways. While the shoot wasn’t exactly sexy, it also wasn’t really meant to be either. So what was this “dudeoir” photo shoot all about?

Ahh, autumn is upon is. And that means the scene is set for colorfully creative fabulous fall photos. And that’s what Thompson did. She created some fabulous fall photos. But they aren’t the, “Oh, look at how pretty the changing leaves are” kind of photos. Nope.

With a few pumpkins, a dandelion (obviously placed behind Thompson’s husband’s ear) and some rustic surroundings, the scene was set. When Thompson posted the amazingly hilarious pics on her Facebook page, they got plenty of attention.

After all, who wouldn’t want to see this couples “dudeoir” shoot? Instead of busty babes looking like they’re posing for Glamour Shots circa 1989, these photos are all about the (as Thompson hashtagged it) #pumpkinbutt.

Would your guy pose for a hilarious dudeoir shoot like this one? Tell us in the comments below.