photo: Holderness Family via Facebook

Does your husband want a round of applause when he manages to put his plate in the sink? Do your kids want a parade when they pick their socks up off the floor? If any of this sounds familiar, then you need to stop everything and watch this hilarious parody of ‪Moana’s “You’re Welcome” immediately. Check out the video below.

The Holderness Family, famous for their Christmas jammies video (among other internet gems) are back at it again with a new video that’s all about the joys of living with messy partners and kids. And by joys, we really mean headache of dealing with family members that put one sock away and think they deserve a medal, after you’ve just folded twenty loads of laundry.

Sung to the tune of Moana’s “You’re Welcome,” the video features the Holderness mom coming down with a major case of eye-rolling as her husband tries to convince her he deserves brownie points for his less than adequate cleaning skills.

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