We all know that Ryan Reynolds is completely adorable. He’s super-funny, not bad to look at (umm, maybe that’s an understatement) and has the sweetest little family. He’s very publicly used his comedic talents to troll the beautiful Blake Lively, his ever-adoring wife. And well, as it turns out, he’s not just funny. He’s also a liar. And his daughter totally has him figured out.

From birthday tweets to Billy Ray Cyrus, oh and his wife too, to reminding his fans (via Twitter) that, “Being a father means responsibility. Not just for your main family, but also the secret one in Denmark nobody knows about,” Reynolds is kind of the sultan of sarcastic amazingness.

But he wasn’t necessarily trying to get a laugh when he shared the biggest lie that us parents tell their kids — that Santa is real. In an Instagram post (of his family’s fireplace), Reynolds recounts the Christmastime line of questioning that his young daughter recently put him through.

When Reynolds’ daughter asked, “Santa comes down the chimney?” he did what just about every dad would and answered, “Yup.” Ever the smarty, his daughter replied, “You left the fire burning all night.” Hmm.

And what was Reynolds’ response? “(Silence. Slight breeze. A crow circles in the distance).” Hilarious. Right?

Have your kids ever caught you in a Santa lie? Share what your response to them was in the comments below.