The Happiest Place on Earth—be it Disney World or Disneyland—is chock full of fun finds. But only true fans and insiders know that some of the biggest Disney Parks secrets are ones you won’t find in any guidebook. When visiting your favorite Disney theme park, the best-kept secret is one that (in theory) should come naturally: being nice to Disney Parks employees. Here’s why.

As Cosmopolitan reports, former Disney World employee Michaela Garber revealed that Disney Parks employees can gift visitors with some magical moments when they see fit. “Cast members are encouraged to create spur of the moment acts of kindness—this could be anything from surprising a child with free ice cream to upgrading a family’s hotel reservation.” Well, well, well!

photo: Richard Harbaugh via Disneyland Resort

“Magical moments shouldn’t be planned or demanded, they just happen,” Garber continued. “They also shouldn’t be given out all of the time, but on a good day of work it’s hard to stop yourself from making others feel special.”

While simply being polite doesn’t guarantee you special treatment, it pays to be kind when you’re dealing with crowds, long lines and young kids, whether you earn a perk or not. Not to mention that being kind to others always sets a great example for your kids. Whether you’re at Disney or anyway else, kindness is always a good look no matter where you go.

—Shahrzad Warkentin, Keiko Zoll



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