Spring Break is different for everyone. Some of us hit the road, others take to the friendly skies, and lots of folks kick back at home! We asked the editors and staff at Red Tricycle to share their most memorable experiences, and this crew doesn’t disappoint. From epic road trips to spending serious QT time with one kid at a time, read on to see how we do Spring Break.

joshua treephoto: Christopher Michel via flickr

Joshua Tree National Monument: we drove all night and arrived just as the sun was rising (and our baby was waking up). We did not make advance reservations at the park, though, and could not find anywhere to pitch our tent so we ended up sleeping in the car for a power nap before taking a brisk trek. Although there was a small part of me that was sure (hopeful?) we were going to have an alien encounter, the only strange things we saw were the bizarre silhouettes of Joshua trees in against the purple dawn light. It was amazing.
—Amber Guetebier, Red Tricycle Daily Editor

aricachile_nellhaynes_flickr_springbreak_redtricyclephoto: Nell Haynes via flickr

When I was in elementary school, my family lived in La Paz, Bolivia. We decided to caravan with several other families across the wilds of Bolivia to Arica, Chile. We camped out overnight, drove our cars on dirt roads, through rivers, and finally crashed into one of the most beautiful beach towns ever. The kids on that trip discovered the joys of resort credit and ran up a bill for poolside ice cream that was higher than our accommodation bill. It was epic.
—Shelley Massey, Red Tricycle Atlanta Editor


photo: Eliot Jones via flickr

Mexico! Our family loves Baja, and have been taking our daughter since she was 6 months old. We typically stay in Todos Santos, which can be a 2 hr drive from the airport. It was pouring rain and quite dark out, and unfinished roads were making me nervous, with a new baby and all (and my husband is physically incapable of driving slowly). Plus, since we don’t have a car and drive in our day to day life in the city, our daughter never had rally took to them needless to say she was screaming her head off. Then suddenly: flat tire!! I thought—this trip is screwed.

No cell service, no street lamps and barely a shoulder to pull over onto on the 2 lane road. But surprisingly that’s what turned the vibe around, and got our daughter to stop crying. She loved watching her dad change the tire in the rain, and while he may not drive slowly, he can fix absolutely anything under any conditions, including a flat on a Mexican rental car in the dark and rain. We got back on our way quickly, got to our casita and preceded to have a dreamy week in our favorite place.
—Erin Feher-Montoya, Red Tricycle San Francisco Editor

skiing_gabbycullen_springbreak_redtricyclephoto: Gabby Cullen

Our most memorable Spring Break will be happening this year! In March we are loading up the car and road trippin’ to Breckenridge for a ski vacation. We’ve got friends in the area, and my three-year-old son is finally old enough to handle a day or two in Kids Club. My daughter caught the ski bug last year in Tahoe, so we can’t wait to hit the slopes!
—Gabby Cullen, Red Tricycle National Editor

We went to Punta Cana when our oldest was 18 months and I was pregnant with baby number two. We splurged on a villa in Eden Roc and it was magical. We had our own golf cart to get around which Luca loved. The resort was so quiet we offer were the only ones at the pool. And at the beach they had kids club staff that would play with Luca while we lounged if we liked. There was also a kids club though he was too little at the time. But we did have a sitter come to our room one night so we could sneak out for a Valentine’s Day dinner.
—Julie Seguss, Red Tricycle Bump + Baby Editor

Bryce Canyon National Park, Utphoto: kkmarais via Flickr

One year, our family had a total Wild Wild West experience. We took the kids to Bryce Canyon, Zion, Grand Canyon and Lake Powell. We hiked, rode horses, swam in waterfalls, rented a speedboat for tubing on Lake Powell, went to the Rodeo and gazed at stars/constellations at night. We loved every minute of it!
—Kathy Gold, Red Tricycle Bump + Baby and New York Account Manager

springbreak_kippjareckecheng_redtricyclephoto: Kipp Jarecke-Cheng

Each year, my family goes to Orlando for spring break. Oftentimes, my mother-in-law will meet us there, and the kids always have a great time hanging out with their grandmother. My daughter’s birth father lives near Orlando, so we get a chance to visit him while we’re there, as well. Last year, after a week of fun and sun in Florida, we returned home to the cold northeast and immediately felt as if something was wrong from the moment we opened the front door. As we entered the living room, we noticed that there was a visible sag developing from the ceiling and we could hear what sounded like running water in the walls. By the time we reached the second floor, we were greeted by soaking-wet floors and water shooting out of every radiator in the house.

It turns out that the heating pipes in our 100-year-old house burst while we were out of town and our entire house flooded from attic to basement. We ended up having to do a forced gut renovation to 90 percent of our house, which took six months to complete. Needless to say, it was a very memorable spring break!
—Kipp Jarecke-Cheng, Red Tricycle National writer

wendy-and-bridger-in-oregon-2photo: Wendy Altschuler

My oldest son turned ten—double digits—last year and it made me sad to think about only having eight more years with him before he’s out of the nest, creating his own independent experiences and adventures. So, I decided to take advantage of school breaks, holidays and long weekends to travel with my boys separately.
I took my oldest son to Oregon, to the stunning Sunriver Resort, for a weekend of rafting, caving, biking and horseback riding. My middle son and I went to San Francisco, where we squealed and laughed when the wind licked our faces as we bumped over the Golden Gate Bridge on the second level of an open-topped, red, double decker bus. My littlest son flew to Arizona with me to swim in the sunshine, hang out at The Phoenician like rock stars and hike over boulders and around cacti on Camelback Mountain.

I learned so much about my little men as individuals, and I bonded with my sons in a way I never have before. My boys each had a hand in the planning and navigating process of these trips and were able to make some travel decisions, which I believe gave them an incredible amount of confidence. I experienced funny and heartfelt moments with them, I saw what they were capable of, and I felt and shared their happiness. This is a yearly tradition I intend to replicate—even if it just means taking one boy at a time to a museum or on a brunch and movie date in our own city. Because, as they say, the days are long but the years are short.
Wendy Altschuler, Red Tricycle Chicago and National writer

What is your favorite Spring Break memory? Share with us in a Comment!

—Gabby Cullen with Amber Guetebier, Kathy Gold, Wendy Altschuler and Kipp Jarecke-Cheng