Kids in the kitchen. They’re adorable. Okay, we’re not talking about your preschooler using anything hot or potentially dangerous (such as the stove or the oven). Nope. And we’re not about to let the kiddos bake a Thanksgiving pumpkin pie. But sometimes kids get a little…umm creative, when it comes to plating or arranging their food. And that’s exactly what happened when Sarah Adamson’s 10-year-old daughter helped her to prep sausages for dinner.

Adamson tweeted, “Tonight my 10 year old cooked unicorn sausages for dinner.” Unicorn sausages? Yum? Everything else unicorn is sparkly and rainbow-covered. So it would seem fitting that unicorn sausage would follow the pattern. But, sadly it didn’t.

The little girl may have called her sausage creation “unicorn,” but to the rest of us adults it looked — well, more adult. Yep. The sausage may look like a unicorn’s horn to a totally innocent child, but to the grown-ups who saw the tweet it was much naughtier.

While the tweet itself didn’t exactly garner viral-level attention, it did make some waves when The Unmumsy Mum shared it on Facebook. With more than 12,000 reactions, it seems like plenty of parents (and non-parents too) found the humor in this sausage pic.

Has your child cooked/prepped a funny foodie masterpiece? Share your child’s creation in the comments below.