photo: Brick Burger via Instagram

If your kids already sleep and breath LEGOs, then why not eat them? At one amazing restaurant your family can have their LEGOs and gobble them up too.

Brick Burger is a LEGO-themed restaurant that serves creative burgers on LEGO-brick shaped buns. In addition to being brick shaped they also come in a variety of colors, like traditional red and yellow LEGO, and topped with some unique ingredients. Unfortunately, you’ll have to travel all the way to the Philippines to experience a Brick Burger, but for a true fan it’s an epic trip.

Besides the burgers, the restaurant is decked out in LEGO-themed decor with walls covered in LEGO people and models on display. Even waiting for your food is fun, as they offer LEGOs to play with while your food is made.

Would your mini master builder love eating a meal at Brick Burger? Share your thoughts in the comments below.