Actress Laura Dern recently published a letter to her 12-year-old daughter Jaya in InStyle magazine. The letter shares Dern’s own process growing into herself as a woman. Even though the letter is written to Dern’s daughter, that certainly doesn’t mean it can’t apply to any of our daughters. Or, for that matter, to any of us. Whether you have a daughter, are a daughter or just want to get some awesome advice, check out what Dern had to say.

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Dern doles out the advice kind of just like you wish your own mother would have. Of course, the actress has had life experiences that none of us could ever imagine. But, that doesn’t mean she can’t get real with what she wants for her daughter.

She writes, “Jaya, I’ve awoken to something recently, and it has inspired me during this time in my life. Here it is: Life is scary, and it’s glorious. You’re never going to get it all right. You’ll get it deliciously messed up, and that will be part of figuring out who you are.”

For those of you parents who aren’t entirely sure how to deal with your kids’ social media use, Dern gives some pretty stellar advice. “There’s a huge force that’s affecting your generation—it’s called social media, and it’s mothering you as much as I am.”

If you’re already intrigued, has the whole heartfelt letter for you to read (or read with your child).

What advice have you given your child? Share your ideas in the comments below.