If your kid wishes her blocks were big enough to create something she can push, climb, or even ride, you’re in luck. Causing major buzz in the toy world, TubeLox® is a unique, life-size construction kit that will give your little engineers a chance to craft their own play time. Read on to discover the cool new building set that’ll take your afternoon STEAM sessions to a whole new level.

What It Is

TubeLox® is a life-size building set that gives kids the ability to design and play with their own creations. From forts to rocket ships and even things that go vroom, this collection of parts will add creativity and imagination to real-life problem solving through active play—little builders will learn about teamwork, patience, perseverance, a sense of achievement and more.

The tubes connect with colorful attachment pieces and locking adapter clips, which allows the set to be sturdy and stable enough to play on—unlike most other construction toys. And, when it comes to what your kids can build? The sky’s the limit. Craft an airplane and be a pilot, build a house to play with dolls, a ship to be the captain, a rocket ship to be an astronaut, and even a ladder to be a firefighter!

“Our mission is to invigorate developing minds with creativity and active play to discover the world through imagination and innovative thinking,” said parent-inventors Rachel & Steve McMurtrey.

The Fine Print

The set comes with over 200 large, easy-to-assemble pieces, including wheels and panels, which come in handy when your little builders want to test-drive their new invention.

Available at tubelox.com, $199 for a 220-piece set.

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— Gabby Cullen

All images courtesy TubeLox®