Jennifer Garner has some pretty amazing kiddos — and she’s all about sharing it. Garner’s 5-year-old son Samuel recently did something that’s packed with awesomeness. And we’re not just talking about awesomeness on a kid level. We’re talking about something that’s super-special for anyone, whether they’re an adult or a child.

So what did the actress’s son do? He wrote a note. Garner recently posted a pic of the note on IG, writing, “When the librarian finds a note your son tucked into a picture book…#actsofkindness #spreadlove #belikemlkjr #lovenote.”

The note that Samuel wrote simply says, “Hello, You are loved. I believe in you.” Aww. What a sweet sentiment. If only everyone was as thoughtful as Garner’s son. The secret note that the 5-year-old stashed in the book shows that even though he has famous parents, Samuel certainly isn’t a jaded mini celeb.

Whatever Garner is doing as a parent must be right. And we’re wondering if she can share her mama magic with the rest of us. Hey, we’re not saying that Garner’s kiddo is better than anyone else’s — just that he is totally on the right track when it comes to (as the hashtags in Garner’s Instagram post read) spreading the love of committing acts of kindness.

Has your child committed an awesome act of kindness? Share your story in the comments below.

— Erica Loop