photo: NewsOn6

Parenting a child with food allergies adds a whole bunch of extra balls to juggle in the air. From remembering to carry the EpiPen to constantly checking every label and menu like a food detective, it can be challenging to keep kids safe. One mom decided to take matters into her own hands and created a food allergy app that helps lighten some of that load.

After her son Corbin was diagnosed with a food allergy, Billye Kraus from Jenks, Oklahoma discovered that grocery shopping had become much more difficult. Her son being allergic to wheat and yeast left her with a grocery run that took hours longer than normal because she had to sift through every label. Kraus initially searched for a food allergy app that could help, and though they existed there were none that were customizable to fit her son’s needs. So she came up with one of her own.

With her app, called My Food Detective, all you have to do is scan a food label with your phone and it will tell you if the item contains the allergen you are looking to avoid. “Sorry, you can’t have it because it has yeast and autolyzed yeast in it,” the app read after Kraus scanned a box of Goldfish, NewsOn6 reported. The app is now available to download for free on iOs. A mom’s ingenuity can be pretty phenomenal when her kids are in need.

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