Pittsburgh-area photographer Melissa, of Moon Pie Photography, takes super-sweet pics of babies and kids. The mom of three captures touching moments, precious first smiles and all kinds of adorableness regularly. But, with the spooky season almost upon us, she’s working on a project of a very different kind — a Halloween series. Yep. This photographer mama is snapping pics of her kiddos in some impressively iconic Halloween-themed images.

Every year Melissa creates a Halloween series that features her favorite subjects. Yep, those are her kids. With a life-long love (or rather, intrigue) of spooky stories, she’s taken some of the most well-known pop culture moments from the big screen and turned them into her own completely creative imagery.

This year’s series will have 14 photos in total, each focusing on a well-known movie scene. Oh, and her kids are totally in on the spooky fun. The photographer/mama writes on her Facebook page, “My kids are eagerly watching this to learn if their images are interesting to you. Most of them were not easy for them — in terms of wardrobe and expression (imagine trying to make your most serious face while your sister is trying so hard to make you laugh).”

The Halloween series is truly a labor of love for this completely creative mom. And including her kids in images that span four decades of cinematic history brings a whole new dimension to family together time. You absolutely have to check out the results!

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