When Ritu Narayan left India she was already a success — she was the first engineer in her family. Now she’s the powerhouse behind Zūm. Zūm is a startup to “provide safe, reliable rides home from school for all kids” and is something that every working mother needs to know about.

Narayan was working at eBay, juggling her job and being a mother. When her daughter started school things got tricky. Come on, we all know how it goes. You think the whole work-life balance thing will even itself out when your kiddo starts school. But then you realize that your boss isn’t exactly thrilled about the prospect of you leaving work at 3:00 every day to pick your child up. Hmm. What’s a mom to do?

photo: pixabay.com

Well, Narayan felt this mama stress too. And that where Zūm comes into play. Not only does Zūm help women to find rides for their kids after school, but it also helps women to find jobs. Ninety percent of their drivers are women who have some sort of childcare experience.

Apparently, it’s not just moms who think Zūm is a good idea. Narayan recently raised $19 million, putting her in a select group of female founders to raise that much money. With the funding comes a change for Zūm. The company has plans to grow their service, expanding past California (where it’s currently offered, in select areas) to 20 more locations.

What do you think of this type of ride service for children? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

—Erica Loop



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