photo: seasunstefani via Instagram

Who needs dress up clothes when you’ve got bananas, parsley and watermelon. Instagrammer Alya Chaglar from Antalya, Turkey, discovered an amazing way to dress up her daughter, Stefani, for photos that have since gone viral: she uses food!

Of course, little Stefani isn’t actually wearing the food; she’s just standing far enough away to make it look like she’s wearing it. And the result is pure fun-with-perspective genius.

Chaglar told the HuffPost that it all started last year when she held up a triangle of watermelon so it looked like a dress against her daughter. The two-year-old (who’s now three) immediately struck a pose — and she’s been hamming it up with produce (and sometimes flowers) ever since.

photo: seasunstefani via Instagram

“She enjoys modeling,” Chaglar said in the HuffPost story. “She struck a pose spontaneously and her facial expression was hilarious.”

As you can see from her exuberant expressions, the little girl is a natural in front of the camera. And we’re not the only ones who think so: the well-dressed tot (and her creative-thinking mom) already have 32,000 followers on Instagram.

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photo: seasunstefani via Instagram

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photo: seasunstefani via Instagram

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photo: seasunstefani via Instagram

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