Getting an infant to take medicine is not always an easy task. If you even manage to get a few drops in, more than likely most of it gets spit right back out again. However, one mom recently took to Facebook to share a parenting hack she discovered and it will make your life so much easier.

Helena Lee, a new mom and a nurse in the UK, recently shared a handy trick she learned for getting her baby to take medicine without tears, for either of them. The post features a photo collage of her son, Alfie, happily sucking down his medicine with the aid of baby bottle nipple. As Lee explained in the caption, “for the last 24hours ive [sic] struggled to get alfie to take calpol, he has ended up covered in half of it where he spits it at me…… Then I remembered seeing this trick..”

As the images illustrate, all you need to do it place the medicine-filled syringe inside a bottle nipple and squeeze it through as your baby sucks on the top. Helena encouraged friends to share the trick, “Please feel free to share with any baby mummies you know.” And they have. The post has already been shared over a hundred thousand times!

What tricks have you used to get your kids to take medicine? Share them with us in the comments below.