Constance Hall, a mom blogger from Australia, is helping new moms with the depression that can come with such a huge life adjustment. In a viral Facebook post, Constance says she constantly getting messages from new mothers asking her for advice on getting over the depression hump. In response, Constance begs moms to “Socialize. Please.” She says that after 4 babies, 2 psychologists, 1 marriage counsellor, severe anxiety, 4 break ups and makes ups, that she’s learned that friends and socializing will make us feel “healed.”

So far, her post has received over 16,000 shares and 63,000 likes. Read her whole message to new mothers below.

All Photos: Constance Hall via Facebook

“To all of my Queens who have or are about to have a baby.
I get a lot of messages from miserable Queens after having babies.
It’s not easy to be in a depressing situation without getting depression.
So together I think we need to make parenthood less depressing.
Having had 4 babies, 2 psychologists, 1 marriage counsellor, severe anxiety, 4 break ups and makes ups… I am in the position to offer this advice.
Socialise. Please.
Above cleaning, above cooking, above everything.
Because face to face contact is free therapy, a laugh and a coffee or walk saved me, even on days that I did not want to, I followed my psychologists advice and forced myself to.
Placing a new 24 hour job between 2 parents is going to cause friction, it just is. When we get stressed we blame each other.
But the working parent is able to walk out the door and distract themselves, kick goals at work, have a chat and just generally feel like a normal human with a purpose, where as the at home parent is home is left to dwell on the argument and maximise everything that was said so by the time the worker comes home he is normal and wifey is a crazed lunatic who has packed her bags and is selling the house.
That’s not fair. It’s not fair that we get the word “depression” thrown at us when we don’t have the opportunity to heal in these four walls.
You deserve a life despite becoming a mum.
You have 2 huge responsibilities, keeping your baby safe and happy and taking care of your mental health. Everything else can wait.
If anyone questions that explain that socialising is your mental health plan, we all need a mental plan, parenthood should come with one.
Walk out that door and call a Queen, even if you barley know her. Talk openly, bitch about the dickhead you married, cry about your lack of sleep, laugh at the state of the house you just walked out of. Just do it. Stop cancelling on your friends, cancel everything else, not friends. You will feel healed. You might even love your partner more.

Remember Queens, parenthoods most vital tool is your happiness.”

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