Are you looking to get pregnant in 2018? If the new year means a new addition to your family, you’re about to start stocking up on pregnancy tests. Right? Come on, we know how it goes. It’s that time of the month and your little friend hasn’t come for a visit. So you get super-excited, rush to the medicine cabinet and pee on a stick. You either gleefully wave the pee-covered stick in front of your honey’s face chanting, “We’re pregnant! We’re Pregnant!” or you toss it out immediately.

photo: PRNewsfoto/Lia Diagnostics, Inc.

Either way, the pregnancy test eventually ends up in the trash. That is, unless you’ve found a way to get the gross factor out and scrapbook it. But more likely, it’s garbage. That is unless you use Lia.

Lia is the first, and the only, FDA-cleared biodegradable test for mamas-to-be. Yep. It’s a biodegradable pregnancy test. Oh, and it’s also flushable. If you’re wondering why being biodegradable is important when it comes to pregnancy tests, think about what those sticks are made from. Umm, plastic. And where does plastic end up when we through it out with the trash (the non-recyclable trash that is)? It ends up in landfills.

According to the makers of Lia, the amount of plastic that regular ol’ pregnancy tests generates could reach to the Space Station and back — seven times! So how is Lia different than other pregnancy tests? It’s made from plant fibers. That is, it’s made from the plant fibers that your toilet paper is made from. And it weighs less than six squares of it (three-ply toilet paper). The pregnancy test is also ultra-thin and lightweight, making it discreet. But it still has a wide “collection” area, making it easy to use.

And don’t worry about sacrificing accuracy for being green. Lia is 99% accurate when used the first day of your missed period or after. Lia is currently only available for pre-order, and will be ready for everyone to buy as of mid-2018.

Are you planning a pregnancy in 2018? Would you prefer to use a biodegradable pregnancy test? Share your thoughts in the comments below.