photo: Amazon

One glance at the parenting book section in your local bookstore is enough to tell you just how much advice there is for new parents to absorb and freak out about. A new book takes a slightly different angle on parental advice, with a glimpse at some of the most perfect parenting moments throughout history. There’s one big catch, however, read on to find out why you’ll find this historical account filed under fiction.

As the book’s description explains, Perfect Parenting: A Complete History by Chris Cate, clocks in at 134 pages, but it only has 1,500 words, because (spoiler alert!) there’s no such thing as a perfect parent. This humorous jab at parenting books that promise to arm you with everything you need to raise a perfect kid is filled with nothing but empty pages and title headings that read things like, “The Complete History of Perfect Nights of Sleep Enjoyed by Parents”, “The Complete History of Perfectly Cooperative Kids During Bath Time”, and “The Complete History of Perfectly Healthy Foods That Were Entirely Eaten by Kids”.

A book of blank pages might not sound like a worthy financial investment, but the next time you’re looking for a gift to welcome a friend to new parenthood, skip the diapers and give them what all parents could really use instead: the gift of laughter.

What not-so perfect parenting moment have you experienced? Share your own history in the comments.