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When Food blogger Bev Weidner shared a video on the Food Network’s Facebook page showing off her stress-saving hack for making peanut butter sandwiches, the internet wasted no time in offering its opinion.

As Weidner demonstrates her hack in the video, she explains that spreading peanut butter on bread can present a challenge because it is often difficult to spread and results in torn bread. Weidner’s solution is to freeze the peanut butter before hand in order to create peanut butter slices that can just be placed between the bread.

The video which is captioned, “Behold the brilliant peanut butter hack you never knew you needed!” shows Weidner spreading the peanut butter onto sheets of parchment paper and then freezing them in order to create thin, rectangles of peanut butter that are easy to peel off the paper and use in a sandwich.

While the hack does eliminate the torn bread issue, many of the video’s millions of viewers (including many parents) were quick to point out that the move is not exactly time-saving or practical.

Feel free to scroll the 17,000 (and counting) comments on the video, or enjoy some of our editors picks below.

From Jon Handel: “The ‘recipe.’ That cracks me up.  Show someone making ice cubes next. Be sure to post the recipe.”

From Kiera Dee,If you can’t spread PB without tearing the bread, you have no business being on the Food Network.”

From Laura Burns: “Love this…since having kids I had to quit my job due to the amount of time I needed to spread peanut butter each day…maybe now I can go back to work part-time!”

From Heather MacLaury Bryla: “Child-Mama? Can I have a peanut butter sandwich please?
Mom-Sure honey, give me a few hours though. I have to FREEZE THE PEANUT BUTTER.”

From Sarah Bailey: “I made this recipe, it was great. I cut out a few steps though and just spread the peanut butter DIRECTLY ON THE BREAD. Life changing!”

From Michelle Muggli: What did I just watch? I add pb directly to bread like a normal human, and I showed my kids how to do it so now they make their own sandwiches. Isn’t that the goal?”

From Dave Swanson: “My wife and I have talked about having kids for years, but our decision against starting a family always came down to the tedium of spreading peanut butter and not ripping the bread. Neither of us has had success so we felt our home wasn’t a place for children. Thank you, Food Network! I’m going to be a dad!”

From Shana Maroney: “I hate all the prep work of cooking. All that time it takes to fill your pot with water so you can cook your pasta. Now I boil my water in advance, put it in an ice cream bucket , throw it in the freezer, and anytime I need boiled water I just grab it, wait for it to thaw, pour it in my pot and boil it again. It saves absolutely no time, but by creating this hack I feel like I have knowledge in the kitchen.”

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