Photo: Cathy Allen Rude via Facebook

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. Cathy Rude, a Texan midwife, rode an inflatable swan through high flood waters on the streets of Far North Harris County to get to her patient, who was in labor.

Cathy tried everything to get to Andrea, the mom-to-be. Unfortunately the water was too deep for her tall pick-up truck, and her friends’ kayak was being used to rescue others stuck in the flood.

Eventually the mom-to-be, Andrea, spotted someone riding an inflatable swan down the watered road (because, why not?). Andrea asked the person for help, and well . . . Cathy was delivered to her in a majestic, white, inflatable swan.

Awesome, right?

Below are Andrea and Cathy, after her second delivery of the day: a healthy baby. Congrats!


Photo: Cathy Allen Rude via Facebook

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H/T: Self