photo: Immotor Go via YouTube

Kids get all the fun toys — but not when it comes to this new electric scooter (i.e. “personal transport system”), which is for grown-ups only. So move over, tiny tots: Mom and Dad want to go for a ride.

What Is It
The Immotor GO looks a lot like a kid’s scooter — only it’s way cooler. Sized for grown-ups with a three-wheeled design for easy balance, the GO uses battery power to zoom as fast as 16 mph, and folds up so that you can easily tote it with you when you get to where you’re going.

“Imagine personal transport that is intelligent, high performance, easy to use and engineered for tomorrow,” says the promotional video. “It’s portable, safe and fun.”

The Details
The GO is powered by a rechargeable “super battery,” which has its own operating system and allows for “power on demand” and “accident awareness” that will immediately stop the scooter if there is ever a problem. Going somewhere at night? The front of the scooter lights up so that everyone can see you zipping across the street.

photo: Immotor Go via YouTube

And, if you’re going on a shopping run, the GO can carry your stuff and motor perfectly alongside or behind you while you walk freely, thanks to sensors that connect it to your smartphone. You can also use your phone to check its battery status, track your scooter’s location and set up geofences.

“The Immotor GO is going to transform the way people use personal transportation,” said CMO Christian Scheder in the promotional video for the GO. “They say that personal transportation will double by the year 2025.

“This is the future of personal transport.”

If the GO is the future. We can’t help but wonder: is this what’s next?

Laziness aside, you have to admit, it looks fun. But here’s the bad news: With its big kid features comes a big kid price tag. The GO retails for a whopping $1,499 — a lot of money to put down for a toy (but maybe not so much if you’re using it instead of a car).

Want to try it out? If you live in Houston, San Francisco or Seattle, you can test drive the GO in-store. Just don’t tell the kids where you’re going.

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