With Halloween in the rearview mirror, the next season is officially upon us. Yes that’s right, holiday shopping season has already arrived in full effect. If your Inbox is already being bombarded by steals and deals on toys, clothes and more, you’re not alone. The question is, how do you sift through all of those sales to make sure you’re getting the best price? An easy Amazon hack makes it simple to compare prices while you shop.

If you prefer to do your shopping online, then you’re in luck. Amazon Assistant is here to help you score a deal. The app, which can be downloaded to your desktop browser, lets you compare prices on products not only on Amazon, but also with its competitors, like Best Buy and Target. Amazon Assistant also lets you set up watch lists for specific products if you’re hoping to find a lower price.

Besides saving you time and money, the app also lets you create a universal wishlist or registry, which means you can add items to it that you’ve found on sites other than Amazon. Once you download the app, a little tab will appear to the right of your browser search bar with a drop-down menu that lets you quickly access all of the Assistant’s functions.

Do you prefer to do your holiday shopping online or in stores? Share your thoughts in the comments below.