Who knew it only took a village to have a fabulous party? Mom of 5 year old Coco, Holly Copeland Sherlock, the mastermind behind this epic birthday party (you may remember her from this amazing Frozen party last year), didn’t even need games to entertain the young heroes and princesses. All the bash required was cardboard boxes, superb DIY skills, the perfect spot in LA’s Elysian Park and the guests’ imaginations. Scroll down to check out the stunning decorations and power of make-believe.


A Storybook Party
Remember the large tree Rapunzel swung around on her first day out of the tower? This perfect shady spot in Los Angeles’ Elysian Park resembles the forest the long haired princess lived in. Holly brought it to life by decorating the place with lanterns and a banner that appropriately said “Best Day Ever.”

IMG_2796 - Version 2

A hot glue gun was Holly’s best friend when assembling the decor. The “floating” lanterns were made using a template from Krafts by Kaleigh, while the “Best Day Ever” banner took a little DIY work using a burlap runner from a craft store. Holly cut out the triangle flags, hand painted each letter on and attached them to some twine. The sun banners were bought from Julie’s Party Decorations.

IMG_9006TIt Takes A Village
We can already see parents and kiddos picking their jaws off the floor after stumbling upon this tiny village. Coco’s godfather (and Disney-artist) John Coulter helped transform simple cardboard boxes into real-life cottages. Each thatched cottage was accessible to the little ones. To really give the village a 3D effect, they used hot glue to attach flower boxes, shutters, doors, Flynn Rider Wanted posters, moss and silk flowers.


Braid Decorations and Pascal Blowers
As soon as the tiny guests arrived, they got a braid to decorate and a Pascal blower to play with. This help set the tone to the party, jumpstarting everyone’s creativity.


All About the Imagination
Surprise, surprise — who needs games? Rapunzel certainly didn’t have them! The interior of the cottages were covered in chalkboard paint so that everyone could get their art on. And judging by all the hearts with Coco’s name, it’s quite obvious how much everyone loved this activity. There were also toys, dolls, a small broom, stickers and more to keep the kids entertained through their hours of make-believe.


Towering Photo Booth
The line for this photo opp was as never ending as Rapnuzel’s hair, which took 3 pounds of yarn, silk flowers and – you guessed it – hot glue. Little ones had to climb a step-up ladder to reach the window before they could pretend that this elegant hair was theirs.


Meet and Greet with Rapunzel and Flynn Rider
Coco’s dad made the appearance of Flynn Rider extra special for his birthday girl… by dressing up as the former thief! Rapunzel also joined the party to play with the guests, take photos and share her love for adventures.food-tangled-party

Eats from the Snuggly Duckling
Rustic-themed food came from the “Snuggly Duckling” (aka Mendocino Farms in LA) but what made the meal extra fun was the cast-iron pan plates that everyone got to eat off of. After all, Flynn Rider did say, “I got to get me one of those!”


Towering Birthday Cake
Who would resist a cake as beautiful as that? Created by Mary’s Cake Shop in LA, this colorful dessert was actually meant for the moms and pops, but as soon as Coco blew her candles out, all the little fingers dug in. Thankfully, her mom prepared ahead of time and had plenty of cupcakes, cookies, braided pretzel rods (from Cravings by Wendy) and more cake to go around. 


Pascal Party Favor
Of course the party couldn’t end without everyone getting their own best friend, a crochet Pascal! These uber cute favors were made by Happy Squid Muffin.


Thank you Holly Copeland Sherlock for sending us this amazing party to share! Want inspiration for a Frozen coronation? Check out Coco’s 4th birthday party here

— Christal Yuen

All photos courtesy of Joanne Distaso Photography