With all the turkey day prep that you’re doing right now, you need to take a break and watch a good ol’ Thanksgiving parody video. Seriously. There’s enough defrosting, stirring, baking, braising and general rushing around the kitchen going on right now that it may look like you’re cooking for a few hundred (even though you’re only cooking for your immediate family). So take a load off, sit back for roughly two minutes and 41 seconds and check out this hilarious holiday clip.

If you haven’t heard of the Holderness family, we don’t really blame you. They’re not exactly on the Beyoncé level. But they’re certainly making their mark in the parenting world. Their YouTube channel features absolutely perfect parodies of everything from back-to-school time to doing the laundry. Yep, they tackle the big stuff — like pizza and CrossFit.

This time they’re giving us a laugh with their rendition of the family Thanksgiving. Their 2017  video mashup features turkey basting (“Talk Turkey to Me” set to Jason Derulo’s “Talk Dirty”), the inevitable “Grandpa Can’t Figure out the Remote Control” moments (set to Sia’s “Chandelier”) and a mash potato mashup (featuring their own brand of fun with Luis Fonsi’s “Despacito”).

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