photo: mamaj1822 via Instagram

Lately air travel can feel intimidating when you have toddlers and babies in the mix. You never know how other passengers might react when they spot a tiny person boarding the plane, but one two-year-old took matters into his own hands and left the whole plane grinning over his entrance.

Instagram user @mamaj1822 posted the video of her two-year-old son greeting fellow passengers hello with adorable fistbumps as he made his way down the airplane aisle to their seats. The seated passengers, who each momentarily seem taken aback, all melted into smiles as they meet his tiny outstretched fist with their own.

It’s no doubt that everyone on that Southwest flight was a little happier that day. It just goes to show how even a small act can make a big impact on many lives. As the post reads, “He is making flying the friendly skies even friendlier with one fist bump at a time!”

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