Wrestling. It’s not the most delicate sport. To the causal observer, it can look downright ruthless. And that’s kind of what one toddler thought when he watched his big sis on the mats. When the 2-year-old saw his 5-year-old sister Ruby wrestling her opponent, Ryan, he didn’t exactly “get” what was going on. What happened next is adorably hilarious.

When Ryan’s mom Tori Prendergast posted the clip of the incident that her husband filmed on Facebook, she knew it was funny. But she might not have expected the response that it’s gotten since.

Writing, “When the girl you’re wrestling has a tough little brother, don’t mess with his sister…you won’t regret watching the video, promise,” Prendergast let’s us all know that this is a can’t-miss clip. And she’s beyond right.

As Ruby and Ryan wrestle, the little girl’s toddler brother races onto the floor in full-on superhero mode. He knows his sis is in trouble, or at least that’s what it looks like. And he isn’t having any of it. The tot tackles Ryan to the floor, doing what he can to save his sister.

After the toddler is removed from the scene, the match continues…with Ryan eventually winning. But that’s not without an awesomely impressive fight from 5-year-old Ruby!

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