With less than a month until Christmas, the great holiday card rush is on for families everywhere. Whether it’s the annual family newsletter or a collage of the best shots from your fall family photo session, the struggle to create the absolute best holiday card is real. That’s what makes this viral family Christmas card photo so amazing, because it basically wins the internet.

Twitter user Emily Seawright posted her family’s annual Christmas card photo. The photo shows seven people, one toddler, and a dog of indeterminate breed. Emily’s parents hold up a sign that says “Excited” along with their scarf-wearing dog. A smiling couple next to them—presumably Emily’s sister, given the blond hair on the woman—holds a sign reading “Engaged.” The couple with the toddler hold up an “Expecting” sign. Pretty standard Christmas photo fare, and definitely cute. As for Emily?

Well, take a look for yourself.

Guess she’s just Emily bein’ Emily—and she is all of us, really.

The internet has rallied around her epic take on that whole “Christmas card as family announcement” trend.

While Emily might be standing alone in her family Christmas photo, she certainly isn’t alone on social media, as several commenters shared just how relatable her photo really is.

We could use more of this kind of chill humor over the holiday season, because let’s face it: we’ve all been the “Emily” at some point in our lives, too.