Memes (pronounced “meems” for those who’ve been wondering) have been circulating our social media feeds for a while now. And nothing induces a good laugh than a set of totally relatable pictures and captions about living the “Mom Life.” We never thought we’d imagine finding similarities to a crazy faced dog or a football player, but these memes prove that we do! Need a good laugh? Scroll on for this week’s funniest mom memes.

1. Can you relate?

Photo courtesy of Alison Wong’s Comics via Facebook

2. Haha seem familiar?

Photo courtesy of Sarah Lazarovic via Facebook

3. Is this you?

4. Can’t blame ’em

Photo courtesy of Story of This Life via Facebook

5. Fitness Goals!

Photo Courtesy of April Storey via Facebook

6. Yup.

7. Brilliant.

Photo courtesy of Double the Batch: A Family Well Blended via Facebook

10. Sound about right?

Photo courtesy of NickMom via Facebook

11. We LOVE this.

12. LOL Was this you?

Photo courtesy of Fowl Language Comics via Facebook

13. “This item is no longer available.”

14.  If you want to be on our good side…

Photo courtesy of

15. The struggle is real!

Photo courtesy of BuzzFeed via Facebook

16. Is this you?

17. Agree?

Photo courtesy of

18. WIN!

19. Is this you?

Photo courtesy of

20. Agree?

Photo courtesy of Science of Parenthood via Facebook

21. Right?


22. Agree?

Photo courtesy via Pinterest

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