If you’ve spent as much time shopping online as we have this holiday season, you might have seen recommendations for Winc, a new wine subscription service.

What is a wine subscription service?

In short, a box of curated wines shows up at your door once a month. How great is it? Winc will send at least four bottles of wine to your house every month. Not only is the wine delicious and beautifully packaged, but it’s also comparable to what you’d pay at the supermarket (average: $13- $15 per bottle).

Enjoy $26 off your first order of Winc.

Why do you need it?


It’s convenient
With the arrival of kids, more and more family shopping is done online, from groceries to pet food and beauty supplies. With our prolific consumption of wine (thanks, December), a Winc wine subscription was natural evolution in all great things delivery.

It’s fun and accessible
First of all, you start with a quiz, the “Palate Profile” which helps Winc assess your taste and decide which wines to ship to you. You can choose from red, white or a combo of both. This means you get the type of wine that you’ll actually enjoy.

After your wine arrives (beautifully packaged and complete with an informative wine education booklet), you have an opportunity to rate your wines online to ensure better recommendations.

Enjoy $26 off your first order of Winc.

It’s really good wine
If you’re intimidated by “picking a good wine,” Winc replaces the angst with enjoyment. Winc doesn’t sell third party wine. Instead they have relationships with independent winemakers and growers around the world, which allows them to deliver high-quality wine, satisfaction guaranteed.

Best of all, it’s judgment free
And lastly, with home delivery, you don’t have to worry about the cashier at the supermarket judging you when you have more wine in your shopping cart than lunch supplies.

Happy Holidays
Ready to put a little something extra special under your Christmas tree? Or gift it to a friend? Enjoy $26 off your first order of Winc wine. PRO TIP: Order 4 bottles and pay nothing for shipping.

 Please note: Winc does not ship to AK, AL, AR, DE, HI, KY, MI, MS, OK, RI, SD, and UT. :(