Your kiddo’s favorite blue engine is getting a makeover. Kind of. Thomas MINIs Pop Art collection is coming and it’s bringing awesome artiness to your littles.

Okay, okay. This is not a permanent change to Thomas and his friends. In other words, you can still buy the regular blue Thomas any time your kiddo begs and pleads for it (which is pretty much every day). But the MINIs Pop Art collection is giving you the chance to share the wide world of art history with your child, in a totally familiar and playful way.

In a perfect world, we’d all have a major art museum in strolling distance. Days spent walking through galleries of gloriousness, viewing masterful artworks IRL, just can’t be replicated. But if you don’t have the opportunity to view the real deal, your kiddo can still learn all about art. Really!

There are books, posters and plenty of online options for helping your tot learn about art. Well, now Thomas (and his friends) are taking up the cause and getting playful with pop art. Thomas MINIs Pop Art collection features some of the world’s most well-known and iconic artists. From Piet Mondrian’s “Composition with Red, Blue, and Yellow” to Dali’s surrealist “Persistence of Memory,” these artistic engines are absolutely everything. Other pop art-inspired engines include Pop Art Duck – inspired by Andy Warhol and Pop Art Cargo Car – inspired by Keith Haring.

The new line will debut over the next year, with prices ranging from $1.99 (for a Single Blind Pack) to $4.99 (for a 3-Pack) and $10.99 (for a 7-Pack).

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: Courtesy of Fisher-Price


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