Every crew of friends has that one house that everyone inevitably ends up at. From noisy games to dozens of shoes strewn in from of the front door—and of course, the constantly raided pantry—it’s not easy to be that household that always seems to be hosting every single neighborhood kid. One Redditor offered up a thoughtful parenting tip and it’s the perfect way to say thank you to those parents.

Reddit user theirmomlovesthem offered up some helpful advice in the r/Parenting subreddit of the popular online forum. “If your kid’s friend group always hangs out at one person’s house and it’s not your house, drop a thank you note with a gift card to a local grocery store to that one kid’s parents. Feeding all those kids can get expensive,” the post reads.

The poster goes on to explain that although they always try to feed their kid’s friends healthy snacks and fresh fruit it can quickly get pricey.

The post quickly gained reactions from other Reddit users who agreed with the advice and shared their own experiences. “Good lord – toilet paper and frozen pizza for days in my house lol,” wrote one commenter.

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The original poster chimed in again to add one other under-appreciated item those over-run houses could use. “And toilet paper! We went through so much toilet paper with preteen friends. Lol.”

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Bewakoof Official via Unsplash


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