My sister who nicknamed me Lou shares a love for the movie Mean Girls with me. No matter how many times we watch it, it never gets old. For those who haven’t seen it, theres a group of mean girls in a high school that each have a distinctive role. There’s the follower who does everything the group says. There’s one gal that tries to hold her own, but to no avail, is shut down rather quickly by the leader — you guessed it. Regina George. Regina’s pretty. And hateful. And she lets no one sit with her at lunch. Everyone thinks they want to be friends with her because of what they’ve heard, but in actuality – NO ONE does. Shes a mean girl.

Some people feel that motherhood can be like that. Sometimes, there’s that circle of mean moms out there in Motherhood land and let’s be honest, we dont want to sit with you. I like to choose the moms who bring joy and light into my life. If I had to write my own Mean Girls, I have the perfect three types of moms I’d LOVE to be friends with!

The Laugh at Herself Mom

This mom is fantastic. She takes the task of motherhood and makes it pleasureable, no matter how rough it can seem. Sure, most people would cringe at the thought of being vomited on or changing yucky diapers in the car by herself with no wipes, but this mom understands the grit-and-grind of parenting. She doesn’t take herself {or certain situations out of her control} too seriously. She doesn’t sweat the small stuff and is always down for a good laugh.

The No-Frills Birthday Party Mom

This mom rocks my socks off. She’s the mom that feels comfortable in her own skin and thinks stressing over party planning ideas and pinning perfect Pins on Pinterest is ridiculous. She’s the one who realized a long time ago, that perfectly placed table cloths and hand-lettered monogram napkins for a 2 year old’s Soiree’ & Sweets themed party is dumb. Sure, she wants to give her kids the world, but she recognizes they are KIDS. She savors the time with them and not the time it took to plan. Bask in this mom’s carefree spirit while you’re eating sheetcake and hitting a pinata cause she is AWESOME.

The I Have No Idea What I’m Doing Mom

This mom admits that she doesn’t have all the answers, and that’s ok. She listens to others stories and suggestions openly without judgement. She’s willing to try anything because she’s honest with herself that she doesn’t know it all. She realizes that her children teach her something new on a daily basis and she enjoys the journey of learning about them and thier needs. Sure, she has moments of fear when she truly is unsure, but she’s brave and true to herself and can ask for help. She’s one of a kind in a world where we all can be quick to think we’ve got it all solved.

No matter what kind of mom you are or try to be, one thing is for sure, mothers are unique. There are some mean ones out there. There’s leaders and followers. Those that can laugh at themselves and those that measure worth in moments and not monetary things. I’ll spend my days seeking out those awesome moms in the world and celebrate them and the wonderful examples they set. So here’s to you Regina George’s out there! You can’t sit with us.

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