Every family is different, which also means that every family’s experience with technology looks different. Whether you’re #TeamTech or a little hesitant about your child exploring online, we all have one thing in common: We want our families to have a safe, positive technology experience.

The new families.google is an all-in-one resource for parents navigating their family’s tech journey—whether they’re looking for info on the latest apps, tips for talking to their kids about kindness in the digital world or advice on how to build healthy online habits.

Three moms tried it out, and shared some insight on how they manage technology at home:

Natasha D’Anna

Mom-of-three Natasha has seen her kids’ screentime increase quite a bit over the last year, especially when you thrown in activities on top of virtual learning. Since she can’t be there to watch each move her kids make online, Natasha has relied on Google’s Be Internet Awesome Interland game to teach her kids online safety in a way that’s also fun for them!

Vera Sweeney

New York-based mom Vera learned firsthand what can happen when kids don’t understand their tech, after her youngest accidentally racked up charges on his tablet! With the help of families.google, Vera’s family has had some helpful tech talks to keep everyone protected moving forward.

Chelsi Lovos

Between games, apps and connecting with friends, being online is an exciting adventure for little ones! SoCal mom Chelsi has used Google Family Link to help her three kids manage their screen time and manage device usage—so they can better balance online exploration with offline fun!

Find resources, games and more fun content to help guide your family’s tech journey at families.google

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