It’s not just any day a new healthy chocolate cereal hits the shelves, at least according to Three Wishes co-founder, Ian Wishingrad. To celebrate the launch of the brand new cocoa flavor, he sought out to make the announcement in style.

Wishingrad reached out to all the living cast members of the 1971 Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory film to try the new cereal––and they got back to him! Peter Ostrum (Charlie Bucket), Julie Dawn Cole (Veruca Salt) and Paris Themmen (Mike Teevee) each did their own taste test, and the video is a must-see for all chocolate fans.

Playing off the concept that the new chocolate cereal is the golden ticket for breakfast, the cast did quite an amazing job flashing back to their chocolate-loving characters! The only missing cast mate was Augustus Gloop, who politely declined.

Three Wishes is calling the newest release “breakfast chocolate,” and as you can guess it turns your milk all chocolatey! The cereal is made from chickpeas, pea protein, tapioca, real cocoa and is wheat, corn, rice, dairy, oats, peanuts, soy and animal product-free. Each serving comes with just three grams of sugar and eight grams of protein.

––Karly Wood



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